UV varnish

This series products are designed for use in on-line UV coating, off-line UV-coating and spot UV-coating. They exhibit fast curing, adjustable gloss, excellent adhesion, hand smooth feel, excellent scratch resistance and scoring cracked resistance.

We have colorful box UV varnish, books UV varnish, tobacco package UV varnish, white board UV varnish, gold and silver UV varnish according to application area. According to performances, we have general UV varnish, excellent scratch resistant UV varnish, great scoring cracked resistance UV varnish, primer-free UV varnish, hot stamping UV varnish, matte UV varnish, skid resistant UV varnish, special white UV varnish, low odor UV varnish and so on. We have the ability to study special UV varnish to meet different requirements.

gloss and viscosity

²  Post-code F* refers to different gloss level, for example, F0 refers to the gloss less than 10, F1 refers to gloss between 10 and 20, and so on.

²  Post-code V** refers to different viscosity, for example, V50 refers to viscosity is 50s (T-4 cup, 25℃).


 Main operation parameters

l Coating weight: 3-5 g/m2

l Operation methods: on-line UV coating, off-line UV-coating and spot UV-coating.
l Reducer: This product can be used directly, if the viscosity is high, n-propyl acetate isopropyl acetate or special solvents can be added into UV varnish, the total content should be less than 5%.
l UV primer: In order to ensure good performances, our UV primer is recommended to match with UV varnish.


3.1  Packaging and books UV varnish

3.2Tobacco packaging UV varnish

3.3  Gold and silver cardboard UV varnish

3.4  Screen printing UV varnish

3.5  Offset dull polish UV top varnish

3.6  Offset polish UV primer

3.7  Offset UV varnish

3.8  Lable UV varnish

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