Offset UV-LED curing ink

The series products are composed of acrylic resin, polyurethane resin, polyester resin, photoinitiator, reactive diluent, pigment, toner and additives. They exhibit low skin irritation, harmless discharge. Offset UV-LED curing ink is designed for printing on paper, metallized film, PET, PVC and so on. It is Sensitive to 365-405 wave light. They have perfect performances and are a kind of green ink.

2.1  offset UV-LED ink product codes(UVK***-LED

      2.2  product characteristics

l  Operation performance: fast curing, good printing stability, excellent ink/fountain solution balance, clear points.

l  Physical performance: good adhesion, high gloss, excellent abrasion and scratch resistance.

l  Resistance performance: bright and high saturation color. Excellent heat, cold, acid, alkali and solvent resistance.

l  Adaptability: printing inks for offset printing and water-free offset printing.

      2.3  Construction parameters

l  speed: 6000-15000pages/h(single page offset)or 100-300m/min(rotary)

l  curing energy(in 385nm): ≥500mJ/cm2

l  reduce viscosity: with our company's specified reducer,max.3%wt

      2.4  Precautions

l  Post-process: post process of UV offset LED ink is almost the same as solvent-based ink. But there are big differences with different substrates and post-process

    materials, rigorous tests need to be used according to actual situation.

l  Adhesion: rigorous tests need to be used according to actual situation because adhesion is big difference on different substrates, printing conditions, time and


l  Storage conditions: The product should be stored in places safe from sunlight and excessive High temperature (>25℃) in original closed packages.

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